Terms & Conditions

I hereby, acknowledge that my stay and any activities in which I or my family may participate on Plot 16, Donkerhoek, including staying over in the guest house, involve a certain element of risk to personal safety and property;

I, waive and abandon all claims for damages arising from any cause whatsoever that may arise during my stay and I fully accept all risks relating thereto;

I, indemnify Waenhuis Guesthouse and its employees against all claims relating to personal injury or damage to or loss of property, irrespective of the nature or cause of such damage or injury;

I, warrant that I have the legal capacity to sign this document and that I may sign this document after all consents that I may by law require, have been obtained. I, admit that I fully understand all the implications of this document.

Guests are not allowed to remove anything from the rooms without prior consent of the owner.

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